Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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Who We Are

 If you’ve been searching and praying for a place to belong, a place to make friends and connect with God, visit with us. We are eager to get to know you and share the glorious ways in which God is at work in our church. Our doors are wide open – we welcome you with heartfelt warmth and caring – truly a church to come home to!


Rector The Rev. Charles Brock (rector@stjamesmv.org)
Parish Administrator Jenny Kennedy (office@stjamesmv.org)
Director of Music Alan Moser (music@stjamesmv.org)
Trustees  Peg Iber, Lib Mueller, & Ray Smith
Ray Smith Senior Warden, Administration & Finance
Mary Bramley Junior Warden
Peggy Rudesheim Publicity, Growth & Evangelism
Rosemarie Richard Local & World Outreach
Mike Morgan Parish Events & Activites
Mark Braden Christian Education
Ben Justesen Plant & Property
Mike Morgan Treasurer
Marge Smith Register

*The Vestry meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:15 pm.