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Memorial for William B. Taylor


WILLIAM B. TAYLOR, 86, a long time Trustee of St. James passed away on Sunday, April 3, 2011.

Bill’s interests have always supported outreach and mission.  He rallied this parish to support programs such as the Advent Episcopal Mission/Church in the Philippines, as well as projects in Mauritania, Sierra Leone, Africa and many others.

For the fiftieth anniversary of this parish, Bill put together a history of the parish with many pictures and interesting stories about the building and the people of St. James’ Parish.  His attention to detail and sense of humor shine through the pages.

Bill was active at the Diocesan level also, serving on the Diocesan Standing Committee, the governing body of the Diocese and on the Search Committee that called Peter James Lee to be the Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia.

He has lived an amazing life of service to his county as well as his church.  Bill graduated from West Point in 1945 and was commissioned in the Army Corps of Engineers.  He served in the rebuilding of Austria, the Manhattan Project and nuclear weapons testing and reactor studies in the Pentagon following the war.  Bill contracted polio in 1953 and after being retired from the Army with his disability and intensive physical therapy, he returned in 1955 as a civilian engineer in the Army –AEC program at Fort Belvoir.  Bill was Deputy Director of the Geodesy, Intelligence and Mapping R&D Agency; Director of NASA’s Apollo Applications; Scientific Advisor to the Chief of Army R&D; Technical Director of the Army Mobility Equipment R&D Center and Director of R&D for the Army Corps of Engineers.  After retiring from Civil Service, he did Engineering Consulting .  

Bill will be remembered as a competent professional soldier, engineer and manager; a trustworthy and loyal friend; a devoted husband, father and grandfather; and a faithful Christian.  Bill is survived by his wife of 65 years, Nancy, and five children: William, Jr., Anne, Paul, Katharine and David, their spouses and ten grandchildren.

Bill was larger than life, involved in so many areas of the church, and will be missed by all.   He was an example of leading a faithful life.  St. James has been blessed by his presence.


Memorial Gifts can be made to St. James’ Episcopal Church, Mount Vernon.  Checks should be made out to St. James’ Episcopal Church.  Please put the name of who you want to honor in the memo line of the check and send to St. James’ Episcopal Church, 5614 Old Mill Road, Alexandria, VA  22309.  You and the family will receive acknowledgement.

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